Monday, October 26, 2009


HI! I totally forgot you existed little bloggy.

Maybe it was my allergies? No.

Let's try the week after that. Cold? No.

h1n1? Nah. I have yet to be infected. Nope. It was just plain life I guess. You see, I don't have much time (or really feel like it half the time) to jump on here and tell you about my boring life of nodding my head and saying, "Yep Mason, that's a CAAAARRRRRR". Because that's what I have been doing.

Mason does go to a little daycare-ish place now. Well, at the gym. That's right, this stay-at-home mom makes poor early childhood education majors watch her crazy toddler so she can work on her fitness. I enjoy every single second of that 2 hours (usually less) that I get to just crank up some Britney and sweat my ass off. Plus they totally LOVE him. And he totally LOVES them. He has so much fun and is in such a great mood when I pick him up. The funniest part is that when he gets his little sad face when I drop him off, you would think I would want to scoop him up and just go home. Nope. Not this girl. SEE YOU LATER CHILD.

I guess that shininess finally wore off, huh?


  1. I'm like you.......happy to drop my kids off for a few hours........happy for the break for all of us. :)

  2. does this comment count???
    come see me!!