Monday, October 19, 2009


What I love RIGHT NOW:

The fact that my husband stopped working today when Mason walked over to him holding one of his favorite books, (What's Wrong Little Pookey?) to read to him. In the middle of the day. Like, ahhhhh swoooon.

Forever 21. Can they make cuter clothes? Can they be any cheaper? A friend and I recently shopped there for an upcoming trip and I may just petition them to open a store closer to me.

The fact that fall is here. I love the colors, the air, the smells, the food, the clothes. I love it all. For some reason, the colors on the trees look even more vivid this year.

The fact that Mason resembles a tiny drunk man when we walks. It just blows my tiny mind that my child is walking. He is walking. And he carries stuff around the house. Like a real little person. And he loves to clean and put things in and out of other things. How soon can I teach him to unload the dishwasher? Oh, right. Knives.


  1. I went to Forever 21 this weekend... and LOVED the prices....felt old but hey I need to spend like I'm still 21!!! Also, on my cheap/cute list is H&M....

  2. If there was a forever 21 closer to you we wouldn't have excuses to meet for shopping trips!

  3. And today I give out awards... one to you!