Monday, October 26, 2009


HI! I totally forgot you existed little bloggy.

Maybe it was my allergies? No.

Let's try the week after that. Cold? No.

h1n1? Nah. I have yet to be infected. Nope. It was just plain life I guess. You see, I don't have much time (or really feel like it half the time) to jump on here and tell you about my boring life of nodding my head and saying, "Yep Mason, that's a CAAAARRRRRR". Because that's what I have been doing.

Mason does go to a little daycare-ish place now. Well, at the gym. That's right, this stay-at-home mom makes poor early childhood education majors watch her crazy toddler so she can work on her fitness. I enjoy every single second of that 2 hours (usually less) that I get to just crank up some Britney and sweat my ass off. Plus they totally LOVE him. And he totally LOVES them. He has so much fun and is in such a great mood when I pick him up. The funniest part is that when he gets his little sad face when I drop him off, you would think I would want to scoop him up and just go home. Nope. Not this girl. SEE YOU LATER CHILD.

I guess that shininess finally wore off, huh?

Monday, October 19, 2009


What I love RIGHT NOW:

The fact that my husband stopped working today when Mason walked over to him holding one of his favorite books, (What's Wrong Little Pookey?) to read to him. In the middle of the day. Like, ahhhhh swoooon.

Forever 21. Can they make cuter clothes? Can they be any cheaper? A friend and I recently shopped there for an upcoming trip and I may just petition them to open a store closer to me.

The fact that fall is here. I love the colors, the air, the smells, the food, the clothes. I love it all. For some reason, the colors on the trees look even more vivid this year.

The fact that Mason resembles a tiny drunk man when we walks. It just blows my tiny mind that my child is walking. He is walking. And he carries stuff around the house. Like a real little person. And he loves to clean and put things in and out of other things. How soon can I teach him to unload the dishwasher? Oh, right. Knives.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I have an ornery child.

Did I know this was coming? Yes, probably. I mean, look at me. Usually he contains his madness to the confines of our home. He is always an angel when we venture out. People are constantly commenting on how good he is. Yes, he has his occasional outbursts in places (usually the places where he can hear his echo) but NEVER has he thrown an all-out fit.

Welcome to toddlerhood.

I had a meeting at a Panera yesterday and I had to take Mason. It was right after a nap so of course all he wanted to do was run around and play. And I am not kidding when I say RUN. The kid has only been walking for a week and he literally is RUNNING already. Luckily, the girl I was having said meeting with was VERY nice and VERY understanding.

Mason arched his back in protest when I tried to hold him or put him in his stroller, he flung juice all over the poor girl's computer, threw goldfish everywhere (sorry Panera people), screamed constantly so I couldn't hear what was being said, etc etc etc. Imagine every meltdown you have ever witnessed and scoffed at in public. That was my meeting. I even let him play with my new-er precious Blackberry. Yeah, it was THAT bad.

Once we left, he instantly turned into my angel again, and he has been ever since. I don't know what it was about that meeting yesterday but OH HOLY HELL HELP.

Friday, October 9, 2009

The Drunk

Where have I been AGAIN you say?
Let this video explain:

First Steps from Tiffany Luc on Vimeo.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Where I Have Been

It's not like I was going to be all, "Hey! Internets! I am going to the beach for a week! My house will be empty! Come rob me! I bet my neighbor whom we generally trust will leave the front door unlocked for God knows how long!"
I will explain this picture more later: Nah. I am much more stealth than that. I am mysterious. I disappear without notice. I run away from the blog world without so much as a "see you later suckas!". I pack up my family and head to the beach. We play in sand. We play in water. I get thy ass kickethed by ocean. I gather large amounts of sand in my bathing suit bottoms. I call it, "sand turds". I climb to the top of a lighthouse that I had to sign a release form for. I am afraid of heights. More on that later. I watch as a glass of wine gets spilled on my Blackberry. I am on my 4th phone in less than a year. I am way too smart for Verizon. Annnnnd more later.My kid is the best traveler eva. I will tell you all about this. Later.And the cutest.