Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Way too fast.

This might not seem like a big deal...I mean, he has been walking behind toys for months and months and months BUT this toy, this incredible annoying lawn mower toy, it provides NO balance or stability for him at all.

This is all happening so fast. He only started standing alone last week. Now, he is on his way to resembling a really small drunk person.

He Begins to Walk from Tiffany Luc on Vimeo.

Friday, September 18, 2009

I am very, very sneaky.

Somewhere between completely devouring every spoonful of awful puree we put in front of his face, and well, this afternoon, Mason became a picky eater. According to my doctor this is normal for his age, they decide they hate vegetables and refuse to eat them. I noticed. Especially when he began only eating solid foods, he decided that he hated vegetables. He loves macaroni and cheese, so I decided that HA! I shall hide peas in the cheese!
Oh stupid mommy. Don't you know that he will find them? He will. AND he will suck the cheese off and spit them out.

He also loves to organize his food on his tray. Yucky vegetables go in this cup holder, macaroni and cheese goes in my mouth and milk goes in this cup holder. What happens when all that is left on his tray are the veggies? TO THE FLOOR THEY GO! Ohhhh and that pisses me off. Do you know how hard it is to clean dried, crusty carrots off the floor?

Enter Jessica Seinfeld and her much talked-about (not always for the best reasons, but hey TEAM JESSICA!) cookbook, Deceptively Delicious. My precious. My sweet, sweet precious. I classify this book in with my Maclaren stroller and now my Blackberry. Lovies. Mommy lovies. The cover should read: For kids who find veggies even when you hide them in mac and cheese.
Her secret, and now mine: back to purees. Only this time you aren't sitting there making airplane noises and shoving spoonfuls into your children's mouths. This time you are hiding purees in what looks like yummy every day foods. I must say, these recipes are yummy. So yummy in fact that now mom and dad are getting their day's worth of veggies as well.

Behold, one of Mason's faves: Spinach Pita Pizza (or as I call it, PIZZA!)

Here is the shortened version, the full version is of course available in the book:
Whole Wheat Pitas
Part-skim Mozzarella cheese
Sauce (I use whatever is left over in the fridge, preferably Muir Glen Organic)
Spinach Puree (all you have to do is cook some baby spinach leaves in a pan with a little water until they wilt. Put into a food processor and blend until smooth, adding more water if needed - I keep a frozen batch of all my purees on hand at all times.)
Pre-heat oven to 350
Spread some spinach puree onto the pita, spoon on some sauce, sprinkle cheese and bake until the cheese is melted. TA-DA!

I cut a pizza up into small pieces and Mason gobbles the entire thing down. What he doesn't know is that there is spinach pieces all over his face and in his belly. Lovely.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Halloween came early.

No, I did not force my child to put on a chicken costume again.

WhenI went outside to water what is left of my flowers, I realized that HEY! someone decorated my house for Halloween! Especially our deck. They put lots of fun, life-like cobwebs EVERYWHERE! And SPIDERS! THAT MOVE! So cool!




What is with all of the spiders this year? And I am not talking little, harmless jumping spiders (those are freaky too though), I am talking GIGANTIC yellow and black spiders with pinchers and fur and FANGS! (okay, not entirely true). The yards in my neighborhood are covered with webs, as is my deck. Intricate, HUGE, sprawling, thick webs of destruction. So what did I do about it? I armed myself with some Raid, gloves, and a broom.

I know, I know. "But Tiff!" you say, "Spiders are good, they kill insects! Leave them alone!".
Hell.to.the.no. They are on my turf. I don't care when they frolic in my yard, and in dark corners where I can't see them. My house and deck are off limits. Those are places I actually go. I don't want to see them or their messy ass webs thankyouverymuch.

Don't worry. I think the bees were actually mad at me when I was on my spider hunt today as well. They swarmed my head and sent me screaming and flailing about. I did manage to kill three of them today (spiders, that is). So let's see how the webs are in a couple days. Yuck.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Fall Fashion HORRAY!

As a somewhat new mom...can I even call myself that anymore? I hardly consider myself a seasoned mom...

*AHEM* As a green-ish mom, I am constantly looking for fashion inspiration. Anything that DOES NOT scream, "I am a new mom! Look at me! I am covered in macaroni and cheese and milk!" I might be a mom, but I am certainly not a fashionista.

Enter my mantras: WWTW? WWRW? & WWNW? Any and every time I am in my closet, or shopping, I am chanting quietly to myself "What Would ________ Wear?" My favorites lately are Tori Spelling, Rachel Zoe and Nicole Richie. Tori and Nicole are both moms so I really look to them for 'fashinspiration' and Rachel, well Rachel is just awesome. Yes, they are all skinny Hollywierd celebs with too much money and lots of time to mull over what to wear, BUT I like their style and it if it makes me look more fashionable and less sloppy then so be it.

I love LOVE fall fashion and was very excited to see that Boho is back. ::happy dance:: Boho is great news for moms. Gauze, gauze, GAUZE people. Big bags, big accessories, scarves and flattering cuts are what's up. So are boots and flats. Can it get ANY easier for us?The colors are kick-ass too. Deep purples, blues, grays, browns, black and pops of red and mustards. YUM. Does anyone want to give me some money so I can go shopping now? There is a certain store, ahem, Old Navy, that I am just loving right now. Usually it is hit and miss there, but OHMYJESUS if there is a rich man reading this, can you please send me ON gift cards?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Because I suck...

Here is a video for you.

Cake Destruction from Tiffany Luc on Vimeo.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I kept another person alive...

...for a whole year! Year two here we come!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


I am going to start writing here after the holiday weekend. Look for lots of goodies! A warning: there will be more about my life, which does include Mason, but this blog will not entirely focus on him! I can't wait to get started!