Monday, September 14, 2009

Fall Fashion HORRAY!

As a somewhat new mom...can I even call myself that anymore? I hardly consider myself a seasoned mom...

*AHEM* As a green-ish mom, I am constantly looking for fashion inspiration. Anything that DOES NOT scream, "I am a new mom! Look at me! I am covered in macaroni and cheese and milk!" I might be a mom, but I am certainly not a fashionista.

Enter my mantras: WWTW? WWRW? & WWNW? Any and every time I am in my closet, or shopping, I am chanting quietly to myself "What Would ________ Wear?" My favorites lately are Tori Spelling, Rachel Zoe and Nicole Richie. Tori and Nicole are both moms so I really look to them for 'fashinspiration' and Rachel, well Rachel is just awesome. Yes, they are all skinny Hollywierd celebs with too much money and lots of time to mull over what to wear, BUT I like their style and it if it makes me look more fashionable and less sloppy then so be it.

I love LOVE fall fashion and was very excited to see that Boho is back. ::happy dance:: Boho is great news for moms. Gauze, gauze, GAUZE people. Big bags, big accessories, scarves and flattering cuts are what's up. So are boots and flats. Can it get ANY easier for us?The colors are kick-ass too. Deep purples, blues, grays, browns, black and pops of red and mustards. YUM. Does anyone want to give me some money so I can go shopping now? There is a certain store, ahem, Old Navy, that I am just loving right now. Usually it is hit and miss there, but OHMYJESUS if there is a rich man reading this, can you please send me ON gift cards?

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  1. Tiff,
    I love the styles you posted, but HOW do you wear them? Take the vest for example, do you match it over the sweater? And I always feel like the scarf looks awesome on others, but dorky on me.....GRRRRR