Thursday, January 14, 2010


I would post more. If I could.
If I wasn't chasing a small person around all day yelling NO NO nonononononono.
If I had time. If I wasn't stretching myself too thin*.
If I didn't need to clear off my memory card because of my upcoming trip to Boston.**
If I wasn't preparing my child for bike rides in the Spring, which is what, 27 months away?

Or teaching him how to take himself for walks in the snow.

Or cleaning up after things like this:

Or watching him meticulously line up the little car parts that he perfectly matches MATCHES every.time. He iz genius.

Or catching him climbing the coffee table cliff-hanger style. So this is why my table will never be clean.

Or giving him more presents. And watching him do his best Forest Gump impressions.

Or clapping along while he holds ho-downs with Papa to the tune of Old MacDonald.

Or just simply loving the shit out of him at all hours of the day.

*I have lost 6 pounds since 12.28.09 (I like to put it that way because it seems SOOoooo long ago). Check out my journey, and the journey of 3 other bad-ass chicks here.
**I am going to Boston, BOSTON soon. Never been. So excited. Packing snow suit.

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